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                    Domestic & International Logistic Solutions


Do you sell a product Online?

The Internet has created endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to sell products online. In fact, online retail sales are expected to reach an estimated $1.4 trillion by 2015.

Could you benefit from using a Supply Chain Partner?

Cargo Trade Solutions offers eFulfillment services providing customized scaleable solutions which allow you to focus on selling your product rather then spending time fulfilling orders and committing resources into your own warehouse, equipment, systems and staff. Over 57% of online retailers out-source part or all of their fulfillment capabilities. 

If you want your company to grow, then it makes sense to strengthen your fulfillment activities by outsourcing to CTS, who has capabilities to process high volumes of orders. Because of our modern, efficient facilities, trained personnel and web based WMS; we can inventory, pick, pack and ship your products with speed and precision. 

Why Outsource:

• Lower cost due to economies of scale

• Helps you focus on core business activities

• Increase security

• Better control of budget

• Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions

• Turn fixed costs into variable costs

• Inventory Accuracy

• Improve risk management

• Pay only for what you use

• Improve WMS technology